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Flood Relief Donations

Our country is suffering from different forms natural disaster time and again. Rashtriya Sewa Bharati always contributes towards arresting the situations arising due to these disasters with the support of countryman. Currently, Bihar, Eastern Uttar Pradesh, and Assam and Gujarat are heavily suffering from the flood caused by the incessant rain flow and rising water level of river. This has caused damage to human lives, livestock and crops in these states. 1 corer people of 3641 villages from 14 districts are affected in Bihar and more than 120 people have lost their lives. In Assam, flood has affected 6 districts and the death toll has crossed 30. Similarly, in eastern Uttar Pradesh, one million people in 987 villages are affected by the flood. 9 district are floods affected in Gujarat more than 213 people have lost their lives.
Rashtriya Sewa Bharati along with its prant (state) level and local volunteers is contributing their effort to fight this disaster but still, there is need to do more. In this time of disaster, you are requested to contribute to help the affected people.
You are requested to contribute Please Find the Details here:

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current Projects


Women Empowerment: Rashtriya Sewa Bharati has a large number of affiliated Sewa Sansthans that provide vocational training to economically underprivileged women. It trains women in making handicrafts and decorative items and helps them to market these products.

Sewa Sangam :

Sewa Sangam Society helping members, Dr. A.K. Dev, Mrs. Sushma Shalini Joseph, Mr. Patrick Jacob, Mrs. Kiran Mishra, Mr. Anand Sinha, Mr. Utpal Pathak, Fr. Chandrakant. The goal was to offer high-quality health, Accommodation and schooling to youngsters whose lives have been disrupted by the better class of society.

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