Sewa JagranJagran (Awareness)

The aim of Jagran is to create awareness about regional and national level social issues and to give support and awareness about the statutory requirements to run organisations. RashtriyaSewa Bharati gives the platform to its representative and affiliated organisations, where they can get the opportunities to discuss and share their concern in the field of social work and management of their NGO/Trust.

RashtriyaSewa Bharati time to time organise the awareness program concerning its four verticals that are, Education, Health, Self-reliance, and other social activities. For the maximum optimization of the awareness program, a regular training up-gradation program is run by RashtriyaSewa Bharati for its affiliated NGO/Trusts.

To make this initiative more effective and reachable, RashtriyaSewa Bharati also publishes articles and stories regarding the impact and awareness of such programs through its publications, SewaSadhna and e-newsletterand exhibition cum seminar named Sewa Sangam, which is organised in each pranth as well as at the national level, where our representative, affiliated, and like-minded organisations participate and share their ideas and vision behind the social work and awareness.

Sewa Jagran
Sewa Sahyog

Sewa Prashikshan Sahyog

RashtriyaSewa Bharati being an umbrella organisation, is obligated to provide support to its representative and affiliated organisations in terms of training, capacity building, project preparation, support in relief works, research and analysis, and surveys. It also shares the information and knowledge about different policies and schemes of government and CSR with respect to the social upliftment programs.

RashtriyaSewa Bharati apart from the technical support also act as a guiding organisation to enrich its representative and affiliated organisation in the subjects like rich culture and value of our nation.

At the time of waves of covid-19, RashtriyaSewa Bharati stood not only with its representative and affiliated organisationbut also to the other organisations and supported them with oxygen cylinders and concentrators, ventilators, food, medical support, and various other support in terms of fighting the pandemic throughout India.

Sewa Prashikshan Prashikshan

Sewa Prashikshan

A skilled workforce delivers outstanding results. Training is a two-fold program, in first the training of the trainer, which is totally centered into the skill up-gradation and the second is the training of the beneficiaries. RashtriyaSewa Bharati through its initiatives regularly organises the training for the trainers in implementing the programs under its four verticals that is Education, Health, Self-Reliance, and other social activities, as well as CSR, FCRI and other government statutory compliances.

Documentation and record maintenance is an important aspect of social work. RashtriyaSewa Bharati through its various training program focuses on giving the right guidance to its representative and affiliated organization in maintaining the proper documentation and records.

RashtriyaSewa Bharati also organise the training to uplift our heritage, culture, and values through the programs run by its representative and affiliated organisation.

Sewa Prashikshan Adhyayan

Sewa Adhyayan

RashtriyaSewa Bharati is committed to provide support to its affiliated and representative organisation in four verticles that are Education, Health, Self Reliance, and other social activities and to make it effective every program needs to analysis and studied through various parameters.

RashtriyaSewa Bharati does the analysis and studies of each and every program which is currently running or about to start and even to the programs which were successfully completed, such as research and survey of Malnutrition, impact of Hostel at North East, Leprosy, Matru Chaya (Orphanage) to name a few.The idea behind that is to find the impact of the programs which is not limited only to beneficiaries but the change in society where the beneficiaries live.

The analysis and studies are done in the three-fold steps. First, the RashtriyaSewa Bharati is engaged in the baseline survey and studies where the social initiation is needed, so, that the program can be tailored and designed according to the need. Second on the implementation of the programs, and third which very important aspect of any social organisation is the impact survey and studies.

RashtriyaSewa Bharati, publishes its report of research and survey of all its current programs every five years in Sewa Disha.