Conducting workshops, where famous & expert voluntary organizations in that field impart the knowhow of the projects to the affiliates. We have experimented the same in the field of orphanage, leprosy centres, rural development, self help groups, visual challenge, eye donation etc.

During the time of natural disaster we are co-ordinating with our representative organization in that state for relief and rehabilitation including conducting survey, assessing the property, life loss and plan about rehabilitation, & habitation etc.

Rashtriya Sewa Bharati has conducted workshops in co-ordination with some of the all India Organizations, who are experts in their field and whose guidance, was required by us to implement their system in our affiliated organizations we have also given our input in such workshops to improve the system.

So far we have conducted following meetings:

  1. a). Sahakar Bharati: Experts in Self Help Groups at all India level. Apart from arranging micro finance for self sustaining, marketing of products, training, the “Sanskar” is also given to these groups, so that these group of women will be guiding factor to their family and society at large, R.S.B. is also having affiliated organizations who have floated large number of SHGs in Kanyakumari district in Tamilnadu and Jharkhand.
  2. b). Aarogya Bharati: The organization is working at all India level to arrange medical facilities in the village and remote areas, where there are no such facilities, either by providing doctors or barefooted health workers and by training them. The workshops jointly held was of great benefit, since Sewa Bharati, Poorvanchal, Assam has trained 8000 health workers and at present 5000 are working daily in remote villages of states in NE region.
  3. c). Saksham: At all India level they are taking care of physically disabled people to provide them artificial limbs, eye care etc. and to create an awareness about donating eyes, hospitals, artificial limbs center and are benefited by the workshop.
  4. d). Bhartiya Kusht Nivarak Sangh, Champa, Chattisgarh: - This organization with a very big campus is taking care of leppers as well as their families through employment generation, schooling etc. and have been role model in this field good guidance was given in the workshop to work in a better and systematic way.