Self Awareness

Jagaran : Self Awareness

To create public awareness about current social problems, regional as well national. Conducting conferences of voluntary organizations at state level and national level called “Sewa Sangam” to boost the morale of the VOs and to provide them a national platform.
  • a) Publications are brought out periodically both in English & Hindi
  • b) Sewa Sadhna – Annual – with different themes each year viz, self reliance, women empowerment, rural development, environment, etc
  • c) Sewa Disha – which gives the data of projects run by our affiliates & associates
  • d) Sewa Kunj – Annual, about our affiliated organizations and their service activities
  • e) Sewa Sagar – Quarterly bulletin
  • f) Handbook – “Balkalyan” – about orphanages, on “Training”, on “Self Help Group”
  • g) Book on the problems & solution for adolescent girls – “Samarth Kishori”

  • 1. The websites of affiliated organizations are linked to our website, so also linked with all types of social media, like twitter, facebook, linkedIn, youtube, blogspot & google plus.
  • 2. Exhibitions to project the projects of our affiliates.

Such Sewa Sangams were conducted in various places at Prant level, every year thereafter in 2011, 2012,2013, 2014 & 2015.
The details are as under:

State Region Organizations Delegates
Haryana Kurukshetra 110 158
Delhi Delhi 109 270
Malwa * Indore 58 152
Goa Goa 35 170
Chattisgarh Deopeheri 53 168
Jammu Kashmir Jammu 47 70
Kokan (Maha.) Badlapur 59 425
Poorvi U.P. Lucknow 90 462
Uttrakhand Haridwar 111 1010
Rajasthan Chittod 50 100
Total 722 2985

*In addition 138 “Pathiks” who are serving the society singlehandedly without the assistance from any organizations participated in Indore Sewa Sangam.
In Delhi “Sewa Mela” an exhibition of Sewa activities of our organizations as well as entertainment program about “Awareness” was conducted in November 2011 and 60,000 people visited the Mela.2012